Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts Cookie Cutter

Sweet Prints Inc.

$ 27.00 


Made of PLA plastic.

Available in small or large.


Small tall ghost:

4.25" tall, 2.5" wide

Small fat ghost:

4" tall, 3.5" wide

Small short ghost:

3" tall, 2.5" wide

Large tall ghost:

6.25" tall, 3.25" wide

Large fat ghost:

6" tall, 4" wide

Large short ghost:

4.25" tall, 3.5" wide

These cutters are very detailed and have tight spaces.  Store-bought dough will not work.  Baking knowledge is helpful. 

Read the package insert for a recipe and tips on how to use these cutters.

No returns or refunds unless damaged in transit.

Kudos to Jenn from JustJenn Recipes for the cookie pic.