Hitchhiking Ghost Cookie Cutters

Sweet Prints Inc.

$ 28.00 
Variant:  Set of Three


Here at Sweet Prints, we like to work with bloggers, artists, and bakers. This page is dedicated to products used by our friend, Jenn Fujikawa from The Nerdist and justJENN recipes. It's not fair of us to provide an awesome artist like Jenn these custom products and not give everybody else a chance to use them, so we created this page.


Tall ghost:

5" tall, 2.5" wide

Fat ghost:

4.5" tall, 2.5" wide

Short ghost:

3" tall, 2.5" wide

These cutters are very detailed and have tight spaces.  Store-bought dough will not work.  Baking knowledge is helpful. 

Read the package insert for a recipe and tips on how to use these cutters.

Items here will be limited run products, so make sure to grab them while they're up! 

Jenn's recipe can be found here: cookies.

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